Have you found a property you would like to lease?

Great! So you have found a property you would like to possibly rent. The next step is to view the property. This can be done by checking the property advertisment on our Rent List or on the Internet for the next upcoming scheduled Open for Inspection.

To attend an Open for Inspection, you do not need to pre-register your details. It is as simple as showing up to the property with your current photo ID a few minutes in advance to meet the Property Manager who will then show you through.

If you find that there is not an Open for Inspection listed on the advertisment, this could mean a number of things:

- The property is not available until a specified date (as displayed on the advertisement) due to possible current tenancy

- The property is 'Application Pending' meaning an applicant just been approved for the property but is yet to be confirmed.

- The Property is available for viewing by 'Inspection by Appointment' only which will be outlined in the Property details.

If you find that the property is 'Available Now' but does not have an inspection time allocated, feel free to contact the appropriate Property Manager as detailed on the advertisement to arrange a time best suited to all parties.

To ensure you don't miss out on viewing a property, please leave yourself ample time to arrive to your destination within the set specified time as we cannot promise that any staff members will be available to take you through.